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Let’s talk about what they don’t teach you in school… it’s a lot! Whether you’re a teen, young adult or new to the U.S., Life Skills Preparatory is for you. We have over 100 videos designed to empower you with the skills you need to take on any challenge.

This training enables you to take important steps with confidence. Our simple video courses will help you navigate finances, education, health and more! Sign up below for FREE videos or check out our pricing to see just how accessible this awesome info is.

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How are you going to… open a bank account? Stay in shape? Find a good college? Interview for a job?

There are endless what-ifs and how-tos.

Life Skills Prep is here to make things easy for you. You can purchase individual courses, take notes and access all of our resources from your phone or computer. Our videos are professionally produced and will give you straightforward, helpful information and guidance. Choose from videos like:

  • Getting Your First Credit Card
  • How to Change a Flat Tire
  • How to Invest and Save
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • What to do if You’re Arrested ... and more!

Life can be complicated. Life Skills Prep simplifies things. Hear from people who have loved these easy-to-use courses in order to sharpen their own skills:


"I can't believe this was so affordable! Thank you LSP for providing such an impacting program that we as parents can easily afford
Kevin H.
"After using LSP101, our teenager is DEFINITELY well prepared to venture into the real world!
Damond R.
"LSP101 should be in every school in the country! We are looking forward to presenting the program to all of our students in our district.
Jonathan P.
"wish we taught this in our classrooms but so glad to see it's available.
Paula W.