Full Category – Health/Wellness


The Health/Wellness category is a series of videos that are focused on topics about living with a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.  When you purchase an individual category, you have access to the listed professionally-produced videos in that category, the Resources Center and ability to Take Notes.

Courses Include:

 Creating and maintaining good habits
 Dealing with bullies or “mean girls”
 Dealing with confrontation
 Dealing with rejection
 Getting regular health checkups (men)
 Getting regular health checkups (women)
 Going vegan
 Handling drug addiction
 Having a support system
 How to eat healthy
 How to get dental, health and vision insurance
 How to keep a positive attitude
 Managing emotions and stress
 Self defense and personal safety
 Ways to enjoy going out but being safe
 Ways to stay in shape
 Who to talk to about problems